located at the old diamond m museum- 907 25th st.

What is a “Free Store”?

Our goal is to provide a place for any and all in the community to attain goods such as clothing and household items, at no cost.

Five Core Principles of the Snyder Shares Free Store:

1. Intentional, radical hospitality.

We serve the community by spiritually and tangibly offering God’s love to all people by giving clothes and items.

2. No eligibility requirements.

All people, regardless of nationality, creed, race, religion, beliefs, etc. are invited and accepted to become shoppers and members of the store.

3. Worship.

The Free Store is God-centered. We worship Him and we hope to let His generosity and our actions show our love for Him and for all.

4. Grace.

We strive to show love in action, not only by what we give but also by how we give ourselves to be in community with all.

5. The Divine Economy of Abundance.

We believe and want to demonstrate God’s abundance through each and for each other by giving all we can as we receive all that people can donate to help others have what they need for their daily lives.

The Snyder Shares Free Store fits our vision to develop disciples as we follow Christ’s path

to love Him, love others, and serve our community.


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